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Have you bitten into an apple lately? How about enjoying a trendy kale salad? Well, if you have, thank a honey bee! Did you know that with out honey bees your local grocery store shelves would be almost bare?

Don't believe me? Here is what your market looks like now, right? Plenty of colorful fruit and veggies, not to mention all of the foods you can make by combining these as ingredients.

Here is what every grocery store would look like if there were no honey bees. Shocking, isn't it? The University Heights Whole Foods Market pulled all produce that depends on pollinators from bees from its shelves - leaving only 48% of its product left. 85% of the earth's plants need pollinators to even exist.

( So why are bee numbers dwindling? Is it from Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD)? Is it from agricultural pesticides? Is it environmental change? Actually, it is a cocktail of all of these and more. This situation sounds daunting to most. However, there are small changes anyone can make to SAVE THE BEES!

Planting different flowers and herbs is a simple way to promote honey bee numbers! Sunflowers, lavender, and poppy's are quick to find in any gardening department and are easy to care for. Herbs such as sage and thyme are equally as easy to grow in your garden. With an early spring coming, it would definitely be worth your while to plant some pretty greens and SAVE THE BEES!

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