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An investigation by the Humane Society recently revealed that a high-end Manhattan kennel was harming their puppies. Accusations of abuse such as leaving sick dogs uncared for and holding puppies down to "train" them were looked into via hidden cameras. Unfortunately, the accusations proved to be true.
This happens all too often in kennels. Puppy mill dogs and the like are treated poorly by those who are not actually interested in or informed about animals. It is disgusting to hear about these stories across the country. The bright side is that more light is being shed on this horrendous topic leading people to initiate change. 
Organizations dedicated to ending puppy mills for good have been created and they are a force to be reckoned with! Many individuals are educating themselves on the issue and making a vow to #AdoptDontShop. 
So who can you trust?

National Mill Dog Rescue

The National Mill Dog Rescue, located in Colorado, is dedicated to rescuing and rehoming dogs used for breeding in puppy mills. Their inspiration came from an Italian Greyhound named Lily, a living, breathing breeding machine. She was rescued from a mill in Missouri where she received no veterinary care. Lily's story launched the rescue of thousands of more dogs. The NMDR aims to educate people about just how horrible puppy mills and breeding can be. 
Rescue Pup, Lily

Best Friends Animal Society

The BFAS acts as a resource for those who have adopted puppy mill rescue dogs. They provide information on introducing a new pet into your home, gaining their trust, and how to help them through hard times safely. It is a great first step to open one's heart to a sensitive animal like a puppy mill rescue dog, but it can be a huge burden if they do not know how to properly care for the dog. No one wants a pup to suffer further, that is why Best Friends Animal Society has given some insight and tips on how to welcome a rescue into your home!

Juno's Place

Juno is a rescue dog nursed back to health by her mom in 2009. She inspired her mom's love of rescuing dogs and sparked the creation of "Juno's Place," a Facebook page meant to share Juno's story and spread the word about animal rescue. Juno and her mom have raised awareness for organizations such as Private Citizens for Pets in Peril, Spay Worcester, Dog Orphans and Sweetpea Friends of Rutland Animal Shelter, and more! She has become quite the rescue celebrity often found riding around in her blue convertible, getting treats, and advocating for animal rights!
Juno Riding Shot Gun
There are so many organizations set to help disadvantaged rescue pets. Whether they provide information, raise awareness, or conduct full out rescues, please remember to check your sources and ADOPT DON'T SHOP!

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