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We <3 Fair Foods

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Fair foods are always the high light of the summer for me. The only downfall is that everything is fried, making it pretty unhealthy. A goal this week was to recreate a fried fair food favorite with a healthier spin.
Churros are relatively easy to make and super delicious! It is simply fried dough dipped in sugar. When I made these, I pulled out a few tricks. 
First, I made these churro fried dough balls vegan. I know, VEGAN. It's a scary word if you don't fully understand it. All I did to make these vegan was use Earth Balance butter and an egg replacement. Earth Balance butter is available in most markets. It is a vegan, dairy-free, gluten-free "butter" spread. I used the organic spread, but there are original, soy free, olive oil, Omega-3, and organic coconut oil options. The company offers tubs of whipped butters or butter baking sticks. Aside from butter, Earth Balance produces nut butters, dressings, crackers, and mac and cheese. 
Another health trick I utilized was to add pure pumpkin purée to the dough mix. A little added vegetable never hurt anyone right? Plus, it definitely compliments the cinnamon.
Be careful when frying these! The oil can slash and it is HOT! I used tongs to turn the dough balls so they cooked evenly. Place the dough balls on a paper towel to get rid of excess oil then drop into the bowl of sugar!
This amount of dough made 20 dough balls of varying sizes. The best part of this snack is they are quick and easy. Double the dough and you can have enough to entertain your friends!

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