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This Dog Has Some New Tricks

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Is your dog tech-savy? Recently, there has been a boom in the technology world and it all has to do with your pets! These new gizmos have created ways to play, communicate, and monitor activity for pets all on your computer or smart phone. But with so many gadgets, how can you chose which is best for your pet? 

 Below, we have selected four of the most popular items in today's tech market!

1) Petcube Camera

The Petcube is a wifi connect camera that allows you to watch, speak to, and even play with your pet! This interactive camera gives the user the ability to entertain their pet with a built in laser-pointer, all while watching on their smart phone. The Petcube mobile app allows pet parents to share their photos and videos on social media for other pet lovers to enjoy!



2) GoDogGo Fetch Machine

GoDogGo is the automatic fetch machine designed specifically for "ball-crazy dogs!" This machine gets filled with GoDogGo's own tennis balls and provides your dog the option of independent fetch or a game controlled by their pet parent by the GoDogGo remote. Does your dog already have a collection of their favorite balls? GoDogGo works with various sized balls of any brand (1.75" - 2.5").



3) PetChatz

Do you feel bad for leaving your dog at home all day while you are at work? PetChatz is out to change that by making communiction between dog and owner fun and simple! PetChatz is a video box unit that is mounted onto the wall. Once connected to wifi, the owner has the option of using their computer or smart phone to communicate. A ringtone sounds when you call alerting your pet and you can record your conversations! What we loved about PetChatz is that it has a few different features, not seen on any other pet communication device. PetChatz has a PetChatz Treatz and PetChatz Scentz dispenser for when your fur baby is craving a snack or a reassuring smell. PetChatz also allows your pet to call you! When your pet wants to chat, they can simply hit their PawCall to reach you!


4) FitBark

It seems everyone has an app or device to track their own health. Now your dog can jump on the bandwagon too! FitBark is the dog activity monitor that allows you to track your dogs movement and sleep cycle. Each activity earns BarkPoints to help motivate you and your pup! FitBark can explain behavioral changes, help makes decisions at the vet, and share special moments. FitBark’s goal is to “get dogs and humans healthy together!”


Each pet is special and has their own needs, but any combination of these items would make pet parenting that much safer and more fun!

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