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The Ugly Truth

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What is your water foot print? Chances are if you eat a meat based diet, it is a lot bigger than those who eat a vegetarian or vegan based diet. Why? According to National Geographic, 1 pound of beef requires 1,799 gallons of water to make. Cows start their lives by eating grain, which requires water to grow. They are then put into fields to feed on grass, which requires more irrigation water. They have to have drinking water, about 18.6 gallons of it. Different farm animals consume varying amounts of water and food per year.

The question is why are we using such HUGE amounts of water overfeeding animals when we could be using that water elsewhere? Countries around the world are without clean water. Some do not have water at all. The recent water contamination case in Michigan caused such a stir because people wondered if they were going to have enough water to drink. 

 According to National Geographic, someone with a vegan diet saves up to 600 gallons of water a day than someone who eats meat. What could those extra gallons be used for? You can be the judge. We can change the environment, we just need people to get on board.

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