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The Noise Heard Round The World

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Imagine you are completely relaxed, lounging outside with your family. You do not have a care in the world. Suddenly you hear loud crashes and whistling noises coming from the sky. You see crazy lights and fire. You may already know I am talking about fire works. You know what they are and you probably love them! Who doesn't love a celebration with fireworks?

Pets. It is not surprising that because of their advanced hearing and other senses, dogs do not deal well with fireworks. With the Fourth of July having just passed, many people have dealt with the repercussions of the festivities. Maybe you gave your dog some Benadryl to relax, maybe you took your dog for an exhausting hike thinking it would tire them out. Maybe you stayed in with your pup and played relaxing music to drown out the sounds. Maybe your pet isn't effected by the crazy lights and sounds anyway.

If your animal does have firework anxiety, you know the damage can be traumatic for them and you as well. The shaking and stress can cause nausea and heart problems in pets. Animals may try to escape, harming themselves in the process. Pets have been known to run away, which may result in getting hit by a car. Lost pet announcements skyrocket around the beginning of July due to these circumstances. 

Fortunately, a town in Italy has developed a new rule stating fireworks must be silent. The government in Collecchio has utilized the Setti Fireworks company that has developed customizable mute pyrotechnics in order to protect their non-human residents. Hopefully, the rest of the world will take note. Domestic pets and wild animals in the area rejoice!

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