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Summer Bruscetta

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Summer time is everyone's favorite. Some love the heat, some love the plethora of events that take place, some love the FOOD. Summer is the best for recipes calling for fresh ingredients. Fruit and vegetable plates just taste better in the summer!
Last year, I joined my best friend and her family on their trip to Italy in June. A highlight of that trip was the cooking class we attended with an instructor from an actual culinary school in Sorrento. He taught us to make 10 authentic Italian dishes, one of which was bruschetta. If you're ever in Sorrento, definitely look up Guglielmo Gargiulo at the "Old Taverna Sorrentina Cooking School."

All of us ready to eat the meal we created. 

A favorite appetizer of mine is bruschetta! You can have a little to start or have a lot and call that your meal. The "do it yourself" aspect is always fun, too. Guests can add as little or as much as they like, mixing and matching ingredients as they wish. 

I changed up the traditional recipe according to who I am making this for. I did not add the olives this time, but added more tomatoes.
I used baby tomatoes, which are easier to cut. I bought a large mozzarella log and diced it into bite-sized chunks to add into the tomatoes. I sectioned out the ingredients ahead of time so I could just add them in when I needed them.
I added everything together into one bowl and mixed with my hands. (Plus, I got to taste test!)
I added some torn pieces of pita bread, but the traditional way to eat bruscetta is with toasted bread slices. You could use tortilla chips, raw bread, pita chips, whatever you want! Bruscetta is petty hard to mess up, so get creative!
Fun fact, we learned it is bruSCetta, not brussCHetta. Who knew?

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