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Spring Fever!

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It is that time of the year when cabin fever sets in. Not only are you feeling it, but your pets do too! Soon they can trek outdoors without having to put on their winter coats and embarrassing winter booties. Your fur babies have endured their time inside and need out! What better way to welcome spring than to spend some quality time in the sun with your pet?
1. Workin' On Your Fitness
Warmer weather is perfect motivation for you and your pet to come out of hibernation and start exercising again. If you have a smaller or older pet, take a walk down the street and back. Work up both your and your dog's endurance by increasing the distance you walk every day! For larger pets or younger ones with loads of energy, take them on your morning run, or take on more aggressive trails for your walk. Any excuse to get outside and get moving!
2. Take An Off Leash Adventure 
Let your pet run around! Find your closest dog park (make sure your pet is vaccinated!) and give your dog the okay to go nuts! Not only will they get rid of pent up energy, but you can rest assure that they are safe in the fenced in area. If your dog behaves well off a leash, go to a nature trail and let them take the lead. There is nothing better for a pup than to explore new sounds and scents!
3. Shop Til You Drop
After spending so much time inside, maybe you feel your pup needs to be spoiled a little. There are so many pet friendly stores and shops that cater specifically to dogs in different cities. Some offer water bowls and free treats for furry customers to keep them occupied while mom shops. There is nothing cuter than watching your pup pick out their own special treat for being a "good boy"!
4. Play Day
Do you have friends with pets? Get your pups together! Take joint walks or just throw out a few toys and watch your pets entertain each other. There are also dog meet ups in different cities that get dogs of the same breeds together in a park. Meet new people who share the same bond with their fur baby!
5. Mix It Up
Does your pet play with the same toy every day? Maybe you throw the same ball or they always reach for the same squeak toy. Change it up! Grab some new toys or introduce them to just playing with a good ol' stick. Get a few toys going at once; throw the frisbee, then the ball, then the stuffie. The switch will stimulate your pup and keep play time exciting!
6. Take A Trip
Don't send your pup to the kennel this year! Take them with you by going on pet friendly trips. A plethora of hotels now accept dogs or cats as guests. Explore a new city with your pup and rest easy that night snuggled together! Camping is another great way to bring your pet along for the ride. Especially if your pet behaves off leash, let them roam around the camp site, take them swimming in the lake, then let them enjoy a good camp fire hot dog!
Find any way to get you and your pet out this spring. They will love you for it and you'll feel good knowing you spend this quality time together!

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