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Spring Cleaning

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Happy May! It is finally starting to feel like spring time in most places. That means spring cleaning! I don't mean dusting the mantle and sweeping the floors - I mean cleaning out your makeup bag. 
A few years ago, I downloaded an app that changed the way I looked at cosmetics. Think Dirty is a free app that can tell you the toxicity of the product you are using. Simply type in the name or scan the barcode to find out the ingredients and how "clean" or "dirty" they are. When a product is pulled up, the app also has other recommended clean products. You can add the item to your list for your next shopping trip and once you purchase, you can add it to your "bathroom shelf." 
So what's on my bathroom shelf? Some of my favorite products are found right in Target or local grocery markets. An every day item I use is Coola Mineral Face SPF 30 Cucumber in Matte Finish. The importance of sunscreen has been drilled into my head since I was a child. I am very fair skinned, so daily SPF is crucial for me. The good news too, is that this product has a rating of 0 on Think Dirty. That means it has the cleanest ingredients.
For added protection when the sun is stronger, I also use Badger Kids Sunscreen Cream SPF 30. Badger makes a plethora of organic sunscreens with zinc for maximum coverage. This sunscreen only has 7 products in it and a toxicity rating of 2. 
Something everyone will be happy to read is that some EOS lip balms also have clean ingredients. Summer Fruit and Sweet Mint both have ratings of 0. Buyer beware that not all EOS flavors are as clean as these. That's where your Think Dirty app will come in handy to scan the others! It is easy to find these balms at most check out stands at different stores. 
In addition to clean products, I try to find as many that are NOT tested on animals. Pacifica, Tom's, and Acure are all my go-to brands for a clean, bunny friendly product. I love Pacifica's Natural Skincare Sea Foam Complete Face Wash. It acts as a face wash and make up remover in one so getting ready for bed is easy!
Do you already use clean beauty products? If so, which one's? I'd love to hear!

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