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So You Wanna Be An Eco Warrior?

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What brings you to the couch for Super Bowl? Is the actual game? The smorgasbord of food? Or maybe it’s the Super Bowl ads? This year I have to say all three intrigued me. I was rooting for the Patriots, my friend and I binged on appetizers, and I am always a fan of a good Super Bowl commercial. This year, however, one in particular caught my attention.
Before game time, we were all discussing which companies we were most excited to see advertisements for. We agreed we all love a good Budweiser commercial. Some car companies can be pretty clever, as well. I was pretty disappointed Doritos missed this year, as their commercials are usually entertaining to say the least. One that caught me off guard was the commercial for the new 2017 Kia Niro.
A few key points made this commercial stick out in my mind. I loved that the message centered on a more eco-friendly car model. The Kia Niro is designed as a more driver-friendly hybrid vehicle, as it handles elevation and navigates turns smoother than other models. It seamlessly switches between a combination of electric and gas power with an idle-stop brake system. As far as car specs go, I’d say these are pretty important in a hybrid.
Melissa McCarthy playing a part in this ad was perfect. She is the ultimate funny-gal and I loved that she used her stardom for this commercial. When celebrities are involved in advertisements, it definitely increases viewers. I think standing behind a brand with a positive message is the best way to utilize this “super power” celebrities seem to have.
The way the company used comedy to pitch the idea was perfect. In the commercial, McCarthy is sent on various missions to save the planet. On her quest, McCarthy attempts to save the whales, protect the trees, defend the polar ice caps, and support the rhinos. When McCarthy is saving the whales, she is slammed into a ship after a whale lands on her dingy. While trying to protect the species, she is hooked to a charging rhinos horn. Viewers couldn’t help but laugh through each predicament she faces for a worthy cause!
What really drew my attention was that Kia brought up so many different issues in one commercial. Environmental protection, climate change, and animal welfare are just a few world concerns. This commercial really tied into what IMAD stands for: Making a difference. If you really look into the commercial (and push aside the main objective of selling a car), you see a woman so inspired by making a difference that she wants to be involved in every event, charity, and cause.
While IMAD focuses on one main concern, this commercial really inspired us to become involved and aware of all the issues around us, and maybe show us that we can make a small difference every day.

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