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Smoking Threatens Your Dog, Too

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By now everyone knows how bad smoking is for them. The health effects are astronomical, yet there are people who still cannot quit. It is an addiction. It is difficult, but did you know that smoking effects your pets health, as well as your own? 
Thirdhand smoke is where the smell of tobacco lingers in the air and in furnishings even after the cigarette is out. It can be just as deadly as second hand smoke, especially for pets. Smoke seeps into carpets, couches, car seats, your clothes. You may think you are lovingly cuddling your fur baby, but if you just smoked a cigarette, your clothing is still a thirdhand smoke threat to them. 
The threat increases with different dog breeds. Smaller dogs who spend time closer to the carpet inhale it at a higher rate. Dogs with longer noses have an increased rate of developing nose cancer, while short nosed dogs face the rick of lung cancer. Cats who self groom can ingest smoke particles resulting in carcinoma. 
According to veterinary studies by Trupanion pet insurance, inhaling smoke can lead to allergic reactions, inflammation, nasal cancer, and pulmonary cancer in pets. These results are devastating. Even more so, most times pet owners do not quit smoking until after their pet was rushed to the vet dying of undiscovered cancer. 
Case in point, smoking effects everything around you; you, your children, the environment, and your pets. If you are okay with harming your own health, do not threaten the lives of others. 


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