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No one has to be told plastic is bad for the environment. Then why does 30 million tons of it end up polluting the planet?
The US tosses millions of plastic straws every day. It takes 200 years for a plastic straw to break down once it is discarded after ONE use. However, straws are not fully biodegradable. When straws break down, they turn into toxic particles that remain litter. The particles make their way through the dirt into our groundwater. Chemicals from broken down plastic flow through the groundwater, into streams, and eventually into larger bodies of water. This leads to further environment disruption.
Plastic particles in the water are eaten by tiny creatures like plankton. For every 1 zooplankton in the ocean, there are 36 plastic particles waiting. The ingested plastic moves its way up the food chain, effecting numerous species and environments. 
Did you know plastic is sometimes incinerated? Burned plastic additives enter the air and eventually our airways. These chemicals end up in our blood and tissue. Endocrine disruption is a leading cause of cancer.
Want to decrease your plastic consumption? Try a reusable glass water bottle. Ditch the straw and solo cup and use paper or glass. Avoid plastic shopping bags with paper. Better yet, bring your own bags!

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