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Pumpkin Whoopie Pies

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I have always poked around in the kitchen baking (or concocting) various dishes. Since I am a vegetarian, I like changing conventional meals into something I can eat. For Christmas, my brother got me a Kitchen-Aid Mixer. My best friend has a yellow one and she is obsessed with it. Mine is a light blue color with white and stainless steel attachments. Since I have been eating better after the holidays, I decided today was the perfect time to reward myself by baking a dessert with my new mixer! After scouring the cabinets, I found some pumpkin pureé left over from holiday pies. I knew everyone was sick of the traditional pumpkin desserts you see over the holiday months, so I had to find something different. Whoopie pies it was!
Whoopie pies are basically a cookie sandwich with a delicious creamy filling. These pumpkin Whoopie pies are packed with flavorful spices. How did I do it?
Preheat the oven to 350 degrees
Mix the dry ingredients in a bowl (NOT the sugars!) and set aside
Beat the sugars, oil, and pumpkin pureé
Slowly add the egg/alternative and vanilla
Mix thoroughly
Add the dry ingredients evenly (for this step, I left the mixer on and slowly spooned in the dry ingredients) 
Once the ingredients are beat together and the mixture is even, spoon the mixture into a baking sheet lined with parchment paper (I always spray mine with Pam because I don't want anything to burn!)
You can make the size as large or as small as you choose. Mine are pretty big, therefore instead of using just a kitchen timer, I tested to see if the cookies were done with a toothpick stuck in the middle. When no batter stuck to the end of the toothpick, I knew the cookies were done!
HUGE Whoopie pies!
How did I do it?
Beat the butter, cinnamon, and vanilla until mixed
Add the powdered sugar slowly (Again, I left the mixer on and spooned the sugar into the mix)
Add the milk to thin out the batter (Add more if needed)
Continue to beat until mixture is fluffy
Since my cookies were so big, I used a spoon to spread the mixture and make the Whoopie pies
Ooey gooey Whoopie pies! I like a good filling and this one is sweet to offset the spice of the cookie. I may have overfilled my pies! 

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