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Protect California's Wildlife!

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IMAD is all about making a difference for animals. We are proud to donate $1 of each of our sales to the Animal Welfare Institute, an organization dedicated to preserving and protecting animals, domestic and wild, around the world. In recent years, the AWI has filed two separate lawsuits against the same entity, Mendocino County, California. 
Not once, but twice Mendocino County entered into a contract with the US Department of Agriculture's Wildlife Services to kill hundreds of predatory animals annually in brutal ways without considering alternatives or thinking of the impact on ecological systems. 
This is a direct violation of CEQA, the California Environmental Quality Act. This piece of legislature dictates that public agencies must review the environmental impact of their actions and make modifications if a less destructive method is found. Mendocino County dismissed this act and used $142,356 of taxpayer funded money to carry out the devastating contract with Wildlife Services. 
The Animal Wildlife Institute filed a lawsuit against Mendocino County resulting in the county complying with CEQA requirements. This means animals will be protected from Wildlife Services! Win!

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