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Pets and Sun Protection

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Sun protection is imperative in the summer. The sun's rays are damaging to all skin types. Did you know even your pets need SPF? 
You may think that your pet's fur is enough coverage from the sun, but this is not the case! The sun can permeate through the fur and burn the skin. Sunburn is just as uncomfortable for them as it is for you. Sensitive areas, including the nose and ears, are especially at risk. Pets with lighter fur, white ears, or light eye lids are very susceptible.
A high degree sunburn can result in a skin infection. Sunscreen to the rescue! Not all sunscreen is best for pets. Human sunscreen contains ingredients such as zinc and fragrances that are harmful to pets. Instead try these!
These sun protection wipes are user friendly and effective! These wipes are SPF 15 and easily accessible at PetCo!

Epi-Pet was veterinarian developed and protects from the suns damaging UV rays.
The same rules apply for pet sunscreen as human sunscreen: use 15 SPF or higher, do not inhale spray sunscreen, and do not forget to reapply!
Are you skeptical your pet may lick off the SPF? Try covering them with a T shirt and keep them in the shade!

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