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Pet Proofing Your Home Is The Best Bet

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Having a pet is one of the most enjoyable experiences life can offer. They are your number one companion, favorite playmate, and most loyal friend. Welcoming them into your life is easy for you, but is it as easy for your home? Pet proofing is an important step to consider when getting a pet. Whether you rent an apartment or own a home, here are a few pet proofing options to make your space safer for you fur baby!
1. Close The Doors!
Probably the easiest method to keep your pet out of mischief is to close the doors of spaces you do not want them in. Keep closet doors shut to prevent your pet from getting into your shoes. If you do not have a closet door, shut the door of your bedroom completely. The bathroom and laundry rooms are the most important to keep secure as harmful chemicals are often kept there. If you have a new puppy that you do not want curiously wandering around by itself, utilize baby gates to keep them blocked into one space in your home.The kitchen is a perfect spot to secure your new pup. A larger space, easy to clean floors, and minimal small objects will keep you and your pet happy!
2. Invest in A Different Kind of Furniture
Pets chew, it is what they do! Wooden furniture is very tempting, especially to teething puppies. The last thing anyone wants is wooden splinters on the floor and in your pets mouth. It is very easy to avoid this mishap by switching to furniture with metal legs. A metal frame coffee table with a glass top or a metal frame bed will alleviate any appeal to chew. This is not the simplest step and definitely not the cheapest, but investing in one piece at a time makes it more realistic. 
3. Rethink Your Trash
Does your pet love to dig in the garbage when you are away? A metal trash can that sits securely on the floor with a step lid may change that. A lid on the trash keeps pets from seeing what is in there from the beginning and makes it more difficult to actually reach the contents.
4. Secure Loose Wires
Loose wires are a threat to the safety of your home and your pets! Dangling electrical wires look like a playground to cats, making it easy to get tangled in. Pets can pull objects to the floor or on top of themselves. If they chew on the wires, pets can electrocute themselves and in time, little nicks in wires could cause a fire in your home. How can you make your home a safer place?
  • Secure wires with command strips leading them against the wall and along the floor.
  • Bundle wires together with zip ties to prevent them from looking like toys.
  • Unplug and wrap up wires that are not in use. 
5. Stimulate and Entertain!
The best way to keep pets safe and occupied is to create an engaging environment while you are away. Technology has made leaving your pet home alone easier for most pet parents. The Pet Cube is a small block that offers an interactive camera allowing you to see, talk to, and play with your pet right from your smart phone. Interactives Fetch 'N Treat toy allows your pet to play fetch by itself by electrically ejecting a tennis ball. When your pet returns the ball to the toy, they are rewarded with treats! If you are not in the market for a new toy, simply leave your pets toys in easy reach. Find a space on the floor to keep a low basket filled with your pets toys. Leaving toys out on the floor ensures your pet sees them and not the furniture legs! 
There is a lot to think about before rescuing a pet, but the more effort put in to preparing for one, the better off both you and your furry friend will be!

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