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Paw Protection

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Winter is tough. It can be especially hard on your pets paws. A dogs paw pads act as a protection plan, shock absorbers, and sweat glands. Because paw pads are exposed to such extreme conditions, it is important to keep them in tip top shape. 
As the weather intensifies, keeping your dogs paw pads smooth and soft will keep them healthy! You can completely cover your pets paws with booties. Everyone has seen videos of poor dogs walking funny because they do not know how to navigate with booties on their paws. They do get used to them! It is beneficial to have them covered and protected from snow, cold, sidewalk salt, and anti-freeze.
If your pet is not a candidate for booties, using a paw soother is key! Vaseline will work in a pinch, but there are products specifically designed to soothe cracked or dry paw pads. Putting a layer on before will act as a barrier between your pet and the snow. Apply after as well to keep pads smooth and moisturized!

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