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January is a month of relaxation. Whether it be from the holiday rush, shopping exhaustion, or a combination of the two, how many can agree that the world slows down in January? So what is one expected to do to bounce back?
A little pampering can go a long way to rejuvenate. But you are not the only one in need of some R&R after the holidays. Your pup has also been through the family parties, stressful travel plans, and maybe even some meal time indulgences. There are plenty of ways for you to give your fur baby a little extra love this month!
How about a trip to the spa? There are dog specific hotels and spas that offer an array of treatments for your pup! The Pooch Hotel provides day care, boarding, dog training, and a spa for their guests. At this hotel, the spa services go beyond just a normal groom. Your pet can enjoy full salon services including facials, pawdicures, and tooth brushing. Has your pet been feeling slightly over-stressed lately? The Pooch Hotel offers relaxation time with belly rubs and if they are over-night gusts, there is a full turn-down service available with cuddle time! Maybe your pup needs more exercise. Just sign them up for a tramp on the treadmill. Or would they prefer a swim in the indoor pool or personal play time? The options are tantalizing for any pet!
Natural Dog Company provides healing solutions for common pet problems. Rough paws? Try their Paw Soother, a blend of butters and plant oils aimed at healing cracked, dry dog paw pads. Unpleasant skin folds? Try their patented Wrinkle Balm, another butter with anti-fungal properties to prevent skin fold dermatitis and other bacterial infections. Personally, I have used their Snout Soother, a balm for dry, crusty, and cracked noses, on my Boston Terrier. Each of the products come in a variety of applicators to make it less stressful for you pup. The best part about these products is they are all organic, all-natural, vegan, and cruelty-free! Talk about a quadruple win! 
What your pet really wants is some time with you! Why not spoil them with a homemade meal tonight? Treat them to a trip to the dog park or a walk through the woods (just have their tick collar on!) They are our fur babies for a reason and we love them!

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