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October is Pit Bull Awareness Month!

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October is the best month of the year (in my opinion). The changing weather brings about a change in people, their feelings and emotions. Maybe that is why October is Pit Bull Awareness Month. 
Pit Bull Awareness Month aims to shed a positive light on Pit Bulls and Pit Bull-like dogs, changing the public's view of this breed through responsible owners and the right training. The goal is to teach that there is no such thing as a bad dog, only bad training. 
Pit Bulls have a reputation for being an aggressive, non family-friendly dog breed. They are synonymous with dog fighting and danger. This is a misconception! It is true that Pit Bulls were the breed of choice for risky activities, but the root of that idea stems from bad owners. Rottweilers, Doberman Pinschers, and German Shepherds all had that reputation throughout the years. Once it is proven to be untrue, the public picks a new breed to target as the "bad seed." 
Breed specific legislation was created in an effort to protect the public from these "dangerous" breeds. However, this has caused a lot of dogs to suffer. A common rule is that Pit Bulls, and dogs that resemble Pit Bulls, are not allowed to live in certain areas. Restricting living arrangements makes it harder for Pit Bulls to get adopted. 
If their owner takes the time to properly train and love their dog, Pit Bulls can be the sweetest breed! Do you own a Pit Bull? Get out there and show the world what a good dog you have! Education and advocacy are crucial in changing people's minds about Pit Bulls. Don't have a dog? Keep an open mind. Don't write the breed off because of what you might have heard or seen on TV. We can end the stigma!

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