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Nepal's Dog Festival

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Nepal <3 Dogs. Diwali is a Hindu celebration of lights. It is a week long festival consisting of gift-giving and acknowledging human relationships with other beings. In Nepal, Diwali is called Tihar. The second day of this festival, Kukur Tihar, is unique in that it is the celebration of dogs. 
This celebration resonates from stories of dogs helping the Hindu gods in various stories out of the Rigveda. In fact, dogs are living representation of dharma, or the path of righteousness.
During Kukur Tihar, dogs with and without homes are adorned with floral garland around their necks and a red paste mark placed on their forehead. This symbolizes prayer and respect in each dog. Food is also placed in homes and in the streets for all pups!
Interested in celebrating? Kukur Tihar is celebrated in October! We do not need a special day to celebrate dogs, though! Appreciate your fur baby every day.

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