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National Farm Animal Day

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Every year, National Farm Animal Day falls on April 10th. Not many people know this day even exists, let alone what it does for animals. Here are five quick facts to know about farm animals and National Farm Animal Day!
1. National Farm Animal Day was created in 2005 by vegetarian and animal lover Colleen Paige. It is meant to raise awareness of the cruel treatment animals face on factory farms. Animals are often slaughtered inhumanely with little regard for their pain or suffering. The day is also meant to find a loving home for the surviving animals.
2. There are rescue farms that take in mistreated farm animals and give them a better life. Farm Sanctuary, Kindred Spirits Sanctuary, and Home at Last Sanctuary are just a few rescues in the United States that provide shelter, food, and love to animals taken out of abusive situations. 
3. According to USDA Agricultural Statistics, there are 94.4 million cattle, 8.54 billion chickens, 238 million turkeys, and 5.23 million sheep and lambs in the United States. Most of these animals are raised specifically for the meat industry.
4. Contrary to popular belief, farm animals are very smart creatures. They have similar feelings and personalities to those of dogs and cats. Pigs are known as especially intelligent. They never make a mess where they sleep and they love their fruits and veggies!
5. Rescued farm animals make amazing therapy animals! They offer humans, children especially, love and companionship to get them through tough times, just as well as any therapy dog!
There are tons of ways to get involved with farm animals. Contact your local Farm animal sanctuary to visit or volunteer!

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