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Losing your dog is world shattering. There are reports every day about another missing pet. I cannot help but wonder how this keeps happening. There are clear ways to keep your pet from getting lost. Wearing a collar, microchipping, and keeping a leash on your pet are all a great first step.
Another way to keep your pet at home is to make it a place they want to be! Animals gravitate toward food. Ensure your pet enjoys their meals. Switch it up by mixing in different vegetables and broths. Keep your pets toys out. Even if they cannot play with you, they can easily entertain themselves if their toys are right in front of them. Get your pet a cozy bed. Make a designated pet area they know to go to for rest. 
Keeping your pet too tired to run away is a great option to ensure your pet stays home. Pet-friendly adventures including going on runs, hikes, and trips to the dog park will wear your pet out. By the time they get home, they will have no desire to wander!
Male dogs are often lead astray by the urge to mate. Get your pets neutered! It is less than $50 for male dogs and $100 for females. Neutering also decreases the amount of homeless pets ending up in shelters!
Everyone wants a happy pet at home. Share your tips below! 


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