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Dog theft is a terrifying reality. No one wants to imagine walking outside to find their fur baby gone. My family had a run in with dog theft when I was very young in the 90s. Our family Rottweiler, Max, lived with my uncle at the time in a city not known for any real type of crime. One day my uncle walked outside to an empty yard.
Through some questioning and quick thinking, he found out Max had been lifted from the yard to be used as a bait dog in underground dog fights. My uncle, a tough guy clad in a leather jacket, found the location of the fight and sprung Max out before he could be thrown into the ring. Soon after this incident, Max came to live with my family outside of the city. 
Dog theft is on the rise once again. Now perpetrators are stealing dogs to not only use in fights to win money, but to resell online for pure profit. What should you do to prevent your pup from becoming a victim?

Do Not Leave Your Dog Unattended

No more leaving your dog alone in the backyard or tied up outside of a store. This makes them easy targets. Thieves have even been known to smash car windows to get to dogs left alone in cars. Your dog wants to spend time with you, not alone in the yard. Keep them near you!

Careful Where You Step

Women walking their dogs are marketed by criminals. Walk your dog in the daytime. If you have to walk at night, stay in well lit areas and always stay in sight of other people. If someone approaches you inquiring about your pet, do not give too much information. You DO NOT have to be polite! Listen to your instincts, you will be doing both you and your dog a favor!
If you do find yourself in this horrible situation, who should you turn to? What do you do?

Microchip To Save A Life

Microchipping is a smart way to always keep tabs on your pet. An easy task, it takes less than a day and will not break the bank. A lot of pet events offer free microchipping right on scene! It is an investment in your pet's safety.

Paint the Town

Flyers, social media posts, and local newspeople should be your first means of attack if your pet is stolen. The power of social media is astounding and people definitely have a soft spot for animals! Viral posts and those by a reputable area news source will ensure the most eyes out for your pet.
It will not end in one day, but if these steps are followed, you will be on the defensive should you and your pet become a target. Have fun this season and protect your pets!

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