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Manatee Awareness Month Quiz

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November is Manatee Awareness Month! What do you know about these quiet creatures? Test your knowledge below!
Manatee's are also known as:
A) Mermaids
B) Water Elephants
C) Sea Cows
Manatee's are an endangered species.
A) True
B) False
Manatee's are:
A) Omnivores
B) Herbivores
C) Carnivores
Manatee's are the state marine animal of which state?
A) California
B) South Carolina
C) Florida
Manatee's prefer their water:
A) Warm and Deep
B) Warm and Shallow
C) Cold and Shallow
Manatee's communicate their feelings through underwater squealing.
A) True
B) False
Answers: C, A, B, C, B, A
Manatee's are an endangered species, with their specific population unknown. They are playful animals that enjoy warm temperatures of 68 degrees or more. They use their flippers to "crawl" through shallow waters snacking on sea vegetation. 
Want to help manatee's? There are plenty of manatee rescues or organizations worth donating time or money to to keep these animals around for years to come!

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