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Hurricane Harvey

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Hurricane Harvey devastated Southeastern Texas and other parts of the South. Homes destroyed, cities ravaged, pets displaced. It is a scary thought, everything you love gone in seconds. What is even more frightening is that you may not have control over what or who you save.

Several rescue organizations, including the Humane Society of the United States, Best Friends Animal Rescue, the Petco Foundation, and the local Houston SPCA, have all made efforts to save pets effected by the storm. Monetary donations are key, especially if you are not in the effected area, but what else can you do?
Due to limited space in rescue areas, wish lists of necessary items have been created for animals. Many of these Hurricane Harvey lists are available right through Amazon! First Aid kits, thunder shirts, and cat dens are just some of the items needed. 
Utilizing social media can have a huge impact on the victims of the storm. Sharing the Lost and Found pet pages is a great way to help out from a distance. Conveniently located right on Facebook, "Like" the page and you are able to search and share pets in the Houston area. 
Those able to travel safely to the scene can provide something of even more value: their time. Volunteers are needed to care for, search for, and transport animals. Sometimes just a smiling face and warm touch are enough to elevate spirits!
Shelters all over the country have taken in Harvey pets. Talk shows broadcasting nationwide have featured these animals. People everywhere, celebrities and non-celebrities alike, have adopted new pets for their families. It is heartwarming to see the nation come together, split views aside, for the sake of these animals effected by Hurricane Harvey!

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