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How Are You Giving Back?

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Tis the season for being selfless. Animal rescue holds a special place in my heart, especially around the holidays. It is inspiring to see many others want to pass kindness on to those who cannot speak for themselves. My favorite thing to see is pets giving back to pets. 

I follow A LOT of dogs on Instagram. I can't help it. This time of year, I see a different trend among the silly costumes and animal hijinx. Many of the pets I follow on social media have different products with their faces on them. Calendars are a huge item, along with pins, totes, t-shirts, and more. Personally, one of the best gifts I received last year was my Doug the Pug 2018 calendar! 

I have seen a pug named Fin (@pugridesshotgun) create his own calendar and tote bag with his fabulous floof. A Brussels Griffon named Sprout (@brussels.sprout) has his own enamel pins. Pit Bull brothers Darren and Phillip from Australia (@the_blueboys) have a whole matching clothing collection for dogs and their owners.

What do all these products have in common? They GIVE BACK! Whether it is a percentage of the sale, a buy one, give one, or a donation, these products are making a difference for pets. Who can resist? When thinking about what gifts to give your loved ones this year, consider one that gives back!

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