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Catastrophes around the country spark the public's desire to help. Donating blood and material goods to organizations is a great way to contribute to people affected by disasters, but what about the pets? Providing stranded pets with food, water, or toys can definitely get them on the road to recovery, but there are plenty of options if you want to do more in animal rescue. 

For those who are not satisfied until they are they are in the thick of disaster relief, animal rescue is for you! Volunteering during disasters is a great way to start, but there are entire careers devoted to helping those without a voice. Veterinarians and public safety workers often come to mind when you think protecting and defending animals. There are actual programs specifically for people who want to go out on the field and get their hands dirty.

Colleges, universities, and trade schools offer animal rescue programs through various departments. There are courses for the public, students, and emergency trained professionals. Each class or seminar requires both classroom and hands on lessons. Both mannequins and live animals are used in demonstrations to give students the best information. 

Classes for small and large animals will teach how to calm, restrain, and transport different species. Knowing the distress level of the patient and how to properly care for them is life changing for the patient and responder alike!

Branching into this form of education can open doors to tons of other animal related careers. Groomer, animal therapist, or animal rescue director are just a few options for continuing on the path to save them all!

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