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The weather is heating up and that means more people are traveling! A summer vacation  does the soul good and what better way to go than with your pet? This may seem daunting to some owners. Maybe your pet cannot stay still in the car? Maybe their size makes it hard for them to be in the car altogether?

There are so many car accessories on the market now that make it easy for your best pal to become your best travel companion. 

1. Car Ramp

The first steps a douzy, right? Getting in to and out of the car is a large feat for some dogs. Tiny pups can barely reach and older dogs may not have the strength any more. A car ramp is a great solution! A folding ramp stores easily in the trunk or under the seat. Get one in a neutral color, especially if you have multiple cars with different color interiors! 

2. Back Seat Cover

A fur covered back seat is not a good look! A back seat cover fixes that problem. The "U" shape of this hammock cover makes sure your pup stays put in the back seat. A waterproof model is cozy enough for a long ride and easily hooks over head rests. Want to change your cover out? Store it in its own little bag!

3. Dog Car Seat

There is nothing cuter than a little pup going for a cruise, but how do you keep them from being tossed around the back seat? With a car seat, of course! This Snoozer car seat connects to your car's seat belt to ensure your pet is safe throughout the journey. It is soft stimulated wool and foam and comes in multiple colors. Plus, it props your dog up so they can see out the window!

Don't forget to reward your pal for being such a good travel buddy! Bon voyage!

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