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Happy 2018!

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Happy New Year! I want to start off by thanking all of you for reading our IMAD blog! If there is ever a topic you would like to learn more about, do not hesitate to reach out! My goal is to create content you want to read! Thank you for all your support!
Speaking of the New Year, did you make a resolution for 2018? There are a few that are always popular - get fit, save money, stress less, and more. But have you thought about incorporating your furry friends into your resolution? 

Get Fit

This one is easy! Getting up and out with your pet is not only a healthy move for both of you, but you are spending time together! If it is as freezing as it is in New York where you are, getting outside may be a challenge. If that is the case, try an indoor dog park or doggy day care for your pet. A place where they can stretch their legs and burn off some energy with other pups! If this isn't an option, create your own play areas! If you are in an apartment building, try utilizing the stairs. You can play tug of war and other games that do not require so much running through tight spaces. 

Save Money

Looking to save money this year? Instead of reaching for expensive store bought dog treats, try making your own! There are tons of easy to make recipes. I like to use peanut butter, apple sauce, and pumpkin puree. A lot of ingredients for homemade dog treats you can find right in your own pantry!


What better way to calm yourself than with your pet? It has been proven that petting an animal releases oxytocin, an upper hormone, and decreases levels of cortisol, a downer hormone. Pet owners also have a lower risk of heart attack. A huge trend right now is Doga - dog yoga! Pets need to decompress too sometimes!

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