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Flu Season

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Flu season is in full swing. Did you know that influenza can effect your pup as well? It is called H3N8, or canine influenza. 
Canine influenza is extremely contagious between dogs. Signs of coughing, runny nose, loss of appetite, tiredness, and eye discharge can all hint at the flu. If your dog displays any of these symptoms, it is important to call the vet right away. The staff will usually bring you into a private room in order to keep your dog from interacting with other pets in the waiting room. 
The nerve racking part of canine influenza is that not all dogs show signs that they have it. It is key to thoroughly clean a kennel or shelter with an influenza outbreak. The disease can live on surfaces such as toys and counters and can also be spread in the air through a cough or sneeze. 
There are dog flu vaccines available from any veterinarian. They usually come in a two-step process for young or smaller dogs. If your pet does contract the flu, the best thing to do is let your dog rest and let their immune system take care of the problem. In slightly more severe cases, antibiotics may be administered. 
It is important not to worry if your pet is showing signs of the flu. Contact your vet and get your dog vaccinated!

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