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Endangered Species Profile: Cross River Gorilla

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IMAD stands for "I Made A Difference." Our jewelry is a fashionable reminder to the wearer that they made a difference for endangered animals. The IMAD brand consists of 10 dog breed pendants and five different endangered animals. Raising awareness means educating the public on these animals and increasing understanding of who they are and why they are threatened. 
The Cross River Gorilla is one of the critically endangered species depicted on an IMAD pendant. According to the World Wildlife Fund, "critically endangered" means a species is facing "an extremely high risk of extinction." This is a result of humans moving in on the gorilla's territory. Scientists are unable to receive accurate population readings because the gorilla's are wary of humans coming into close contact with them. 
There are laws prohibiting the hunting and killing of the Cross River Gorilla, but the laws are not strictly enforced. Although hunting has decreased, the population has dwindled to such a small number, any other threat could be devastating. 
Efforts are being made to maintain and grow the gorilla's territory. Logging companies and the Ministry of Forest and Wildlife in Cameroon are working with non-governmental organizations and local communities to cut deforestation and stop poaching.

With the purchase of a Cross River Gorilla pendant, you are donating to the Animal Welfare Institute in Washington, D.C. to aid in the preservation of this species. Wear your dedication proudly and educate others!

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