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Dog Dating Tips

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There is no truer love than the love of a dog. It seems in a modern world, technology and social media can strain relationships. The key to keeping a relationship going is to keep it simple. Who is more simple than a dog?
Dog Dating Tip #1: Unwavering Loyalty
Dogs are known for their constant companionship and loyalty. It can be easy to wander, especially in long term relationships. Remaining loyal to your partner is an asset in any type of relationship, romantic or friendly. Knowing you have someone who is there for you no matter what is a huge confidence booster. It is easier to build each other up by being reliable, rather than be stressed by not trusting who you are with.
Dog Dating Tip #2: Potential for Playfulness
Be playful with your partner! You cannot get sick of someone when you always enjoy their company. Keep things fun and light with creative games, inside jokes, and adventures!
Dog Dating Tip #3: Sensitivity Level
Staying empathic to your partners feelings will ensure you never hurt them. No one wants to feel like they do not matter. Take time to sit and talk. Make your feelings heard as well!
Dog Dating Tip #4: Tolerates Being Alone
Distance makes the heart grow fonder, right? Take time for your own interests and grow on an individual level. Loving yourself is the first step in loving another. 
Dog Dating Tip #5: Affectionate with Family
Family can be a touchy subject to some. Maybe your partner is heavily involved with their family. Maybe they do not have strong family ties. Either way, take time to understand the situation and support however they feel. 
Remember, be considerate of each other, communicate with each other, and love like a dog!

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