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Hi, my name is Samantha and I am addicted to eggplant. I use eggplant in lieu of meat in a lot of dishes, from Italian eggplant parm to American eggplant burgers. Today I went Greek and made eggplant pita sandwiches. 

I started by chopping the eggplant into slices. I used coconut oil to fry them in a cast iron pan. I always use coconut oil when frying anything. It gives the food a certain taste and does not make it too greasy. 

I added arugula and tzatziki sauce to my pita once the eggplant was done frying. I stuffed the pita and grilled it on a George Foreman to keep everything together and toast the sandwich. 

Not only was this a healthy dinner, but it was filling and so delicious! What healthy dinners do you make?

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