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Corn Fritter Spin Off

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Fun Fact: Corn fritters are a go-to pairing for maple syrup. This past Maple Syrup Weekend, I ingested so much sugar, I needed something to soak it all up. What was provided? Corn fritters. These little flour and corn kernel balls were easy to dip in syrup and pop in your mouth. One of the farms we visited even handed out the recipe they used for their corn fritters. 

Looking the recipe over, I realized I could change the ingredients to make these corn fritters vegan. How?

For wet ingredients, I swapped eggs for extra vegetable oil and regular milk for almond milk. I also used whole wheat flour instead of white all-purpose flour to make them a little more healthy for a breakfast snack. 

I added all the dry ingredients together and slowly folded it into the wet ingredient mix with a whisk. 

I baked the mix in a cupcake tin instead of frying them in oil. It takes longer to cook, but the larger size make them the perfect grab and go breakfast!

I really had to control myself by not eating multiple fritters in one sitting. With some homemade maple syrup drizzled on top, they are delicious!

Try out the recipe above or try changing things up like I did! You won't regret it!

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