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We have all heard that bees are next on the endangered species list. It is hard to explain the need of bees to people who are afraid of them, but it is so necessary! It is only through education and change that we can change people's views and save the bees!
My plan this spring is to plant a bee garden. I have wanted to start a garden for a while, and having an actual purpose for it will hold me responsible. After some research, I found the plants I plan to use in my garden.
Yellow sunflowers are available in different heights to suit any garden and the yellow brings on the bees!
Lavender is so versatile with such a yummy scent! It is a multi-purpose herb that bees love.
Thyme grows under similar conditions to lavender. It flowers profusely attracting a plethora of bees!
All bees love poppies! This plant is relatively easy to grow (bonus!) and have a high pollen count. 
Easy to grow from seeds, these plants can grow up to five feet tall! Planting them in clusters make it easy for bees to bounce from flower to flower to collect pollen. 
What are you planting this year?

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