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Baby It's Cold Outside

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How many of you have pets that, when you open the door to go out in the morning, look at you like you have six heads? I do not blame them! The cold is just the beginning. Once the snow starts falling, some pets refuse to leave the comfort of their bed. So how do you get your pet up and at 'em even in the winter?

Dress Appropriately 

Our Boston Terrier used to hate the cold. He would run outside, do his business, and run back in under three minutes. However, he did not mind it as much when we put his winter coat on him. He used to wait under my feet and sit patiently as I strapped him into the velcro straps of his water resistant coat. He looked mighty fine in red!
Dressing for the weather made all the difference with Buster. Especially for smaller dogs, getting them coats or booties will make their winter experiences that much better!


Snowball Fights

Have you ever watched a dog chase a snowball? Keep your pup's heart rate going by tossing snowballs for them! They will stay warm running around the yard and you will be thoroughly entertained by how determined your pet is!

Indoor Games

Is your pet still not interested in the great outdoors? Fetch, tug of war, and chase are indoor options, keeping both of you warm and cozy. Step up your game with hide and seek. Hide treats around the house and see if your pet can find them! 

Occupy the Mind

It can easy for things to become stagnant in the winter. Keep your pet entertained with mind games! Cats love to chase a laser pointer around. Turn it on, off, and move it around to really stimulate your pet. Try treat balls for dogs. Food motivation is a great way to keep a dog's interest. 

Doggie's Day Out

Cabin fever is just as real for pets as it is for humans. Get your pet out and about with play dates! Go to the dog park, a friends house, or a walking trail. Bring treats and toys to keep the party going!

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