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Animal Advocacy Day 2018

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Two dozen French mastiff's found abused and starving on a property in Stratford, NY. 
Man accused of throwing kitten.
NYDEC will not pursue charges against officers who ran over, killed raccoon in Ravena. 
I apologize for being so blunt, but these are just some of the headlines one stumbles across in the news regarding animal cruelty. They are hard to read. They put terrible images in your head. They need to stop. This is the agenda every Animal Advocacy Day.
Animal Advocacy Day occurs at the New York State Capitol in Albany every June. The goal is to bring together animal lovers and law makers to shine a light on animal cruelty cases and animal abusers. Vendors and events take place throughout the morning while Legislation is in session.
The day is focused around laws like Buster's Law, which brings harsher punishment to animal abusers. Proposed legislation is brought to the senate for their backing in order to further protect our furry friends. A new bill being sponsored by the senate aims to make a statewide registry of troubled individuals/criminals to make it harder for them to obtain pets. There are proven links between cruelty to animals and other levels of abuse. The list would be distributed to shelters to make it easier for them to identify possible abusers and do background checks. 
State senators, like Jim Tedisco, and animal advocates, such as Pet Connection's Steve Caporizzo, join to raise awareness and create a buzz for locals and media alike. 
 I will keep you updated on the results of Animal Advocacy Day 2018!

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